Zombified Sheep

I wrote a blog a couple days ago about politics-the bottom line being that some people just don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t know any of the facts. Once I figured that out as the reason for a lot of the negative comments on political issues, one thing has become very clear to me in general:

People by and large don’t know what the fuck they are talking about.

Anyone who’s read my previous blogs can see I’ve written about Conan O’Brien, former host of the Tonight Show. Long story short, Conan got 32 million dollars to leave NBC and couldn’t do a public interview until May 1st. On May 2nd, O’Brien did his first interview.

It was an interesting piece, nothing unexpected for a first interview after an event like this. Kind of understated to be honest. But the comments and the blogs written about this are amazing.

First, there are dozens of comments where the video is posted basically saying “It’s been months get over it” or “Why is he still whining?” These people have no idea he couldn’t do an interview until now. None. Yet they somehow feel the urge to write these things about a genuinely good guy like O’Brien. Even if you don’t like his style of comedy, he is a stand up guy. He left the Tonight show on principle, he rarely has a bad thing to say about anyone, even now of all times, and some people still treat him like an asshole if they have some alternate view of how he is.

Even his agreement is unknown to some. They mentioned it in the damn interview, he can’t say a bad thing about NBC or Jay Leno. Yet some are blogging either their kudos or anger that he did not. They have no idea that he can’t. But instead of finding out this extremely easy to learn fact, they blog away, blissfully unaware of how ignorant they are. It drives me insane.

How can anyone have so much of a strong opinion about something while they have no idea about any of the facts? Is it Laziness? Stupidity? I’m constantly seeing people calling people Nazis, communists etc. with absolutely no facts. This is shit people will kill over. And yet people don’t have the simple ability to look a goddamn thing up for 2 seconds and realize they’re disgustingly misinformed. I cannot consciously have an opinion about something until I know what it’s about. I don’t get why that’s so simple for some and yet so impossible for so many others.

Conan O’Brien is far from whining, he did an interview that he basically had to get out of the way, his first interview since the debacle. It would have been a huge joke if he hadn’t mentioned what happened, and not in a good way. What should be “Finally we get to hear some of his thoughts, on the record” is, by some, becoming “Stop talking about it.” Stop talking about it? What the hell are you talking about? Listening to these people you’d think it’s his 40th interview about something that happened in 1992. And yet a seemingly large percentage of people have a completely different and inaccurate view of the situation and have no problem spewing their BS about shit they know nothing about to other people who know nothing about it and will repeat it like zombified sheep. It’s a damn epidemic.


~ by Adam Hughes on May 3, 2010.

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