My Thoughts on the “Lost” Finale

(Spoilers, obviously) I don’t think I’ve ever watched a show where I REALLY didn’t want anyone to know or see anything about the show unless they watched from start to finish. You could casually watch something like Law and Order and be fine. I’ve watched House, Angel, ER, and several other shows by seeing episodes in mid season and going from there. But Lost is so mystery driven that watching one episode from mid season would potentially ruin a half a dozen mysteries that build up over the course of the show, therefore ruining a lot of the suspense and speculation you’d get from watching the earlier episodes.

(So if you haven’t watched Lost, stop reading now)

So this makes my views on the Finale a little mixed. For one, the finale is very character driven. A lot of the mysteries of the island and several other events are still unsolved. But here’s my problem with that: If the people who watched this sci-fi mystery wanted to see a character driven show, or finale, they’d watch a normal drama. If the characters were all that mattered in the end, then why build up a massive mythology and hundreds of sci-fi elements? Why not just do a show about a bunch of people and their normal lives? Why not have the flashbacks be the show? Or a show about a bunch of people crashing on a completely normal island? With a character driven finale and dozens of unanswered questions, the mystery and sci-fi elements now just seems like useless tacked on elements to stretch out the show and keep people watching. I’ve had my fill of that on Heroes.

On the other hand, mystery was a big theme in the show. Communities all over the world spent thousands of hours debating over theories. Had Lost addressed these issues, then what would there be to discuss? There’d be little to gain with second viewings, having the mystery element come off as dull and long winded knowing all the answers. Especially if the answers were bad ones. Keeping the fans in the dark makes the series still seem interesting and open to interpretation. The fans can come up with theories that are much better than anything the writers can.

My other thoughts just deal with a lot of philosophy. On one hand, it seems kind of cheap that the alternate reality was an afterlife, because it isn’t real. But, what is real? They experienced it, they are still themselves and still have all their memories. Their reunions and awakenings were all legitimate experiences for them. In this show’s reality, that world is basically as real as any other, so it really isn’t cheapened at all.

But that leads me to a question: why then, would a sci-fi show, with a legitimate supernatural afterlife reality, try to conceal a lot of the supernatural looking elements? What I mean is, why do we never see the smoke monster physically transforming into Locke, why do we never see things that are disappearing, actually disappear (the camera looks away), why is there all this kind of integrity of never showing the supernatural, when we all now know that it is? It seemed like there was something more to it, this integrity seemed to mean there was something more than a supernatural theme, as if it were all somehow scientifically explained, but in the end it really wasn’t. If it was legitimately supernatural, then what was the reason for not showing it? Maybe it’s just style preference, I don’t know.

That being said, I’m more positive about the finale than negative. No finale that I’ve ever seen can really live up to any expectations, either it’s not good enough, or it’s what you’d thought it’d be and it’s then too predictable. I feel like any finale can never succeed fully based on the expectations for it. But I thought it was a nice ending and made a certain sense in the context of the show. But I do feel like the Sci-Fi and supernatural elements were all basically useless, which is kind of ridiculous for a Sci-Fi show. I feel like, all this time spent finding out about the island and what happened on it, there was kind of a curve ball by saying that it didn’t matter, the characters were all that mattered. Thoughts?


~ by Adam Hughes on May 24, 2010.

One Response to “My Thoughts on the “Lost” Finale”

  1. Ppl feel it was a con job. Reason i never heard of a tv show that is free programming. To go purchase a ticket to hear Q and A right before the finale.(MONEY/CON JOB) And made the show with more action during the season that they were competing with other networks similar to lost. Then when the other networks failed. Writers didnt know to come up with answers. So im sure they did research and found there more ppl into story with the characters.Plus its hard for me to say you should watch the show to others who hasnt seen it from day one. Because they will be asking question that will just not fit. There is alot of questions not answered heres some And ppl do care for answers because what happen to JFK and others has mystery and does drive ppl crazy not knowing.

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